This Halloween, kick off a game of haunted house-tag with friends! They’ll love tracking your ghost online as it haunts its way from friend to friend, door to door. With hands-on crafting and a goodie bag of treats, Ghost-A-House will become your favorite Halloween tradition!

How to Ghost-A-House:

ghost-a-house_red block1

Ghosting One

Your ghost is one of a kind! Give it a name and register its tag number online. Fill out the Ghostly Mission sheet, listing up to 12 friends.

Ghosting Step 1

Ghosting 2

Assemble your ghost! Then load the goodie bag (add some treats) and attach the registration tag.

Ghosting Step 2

Ghosting_red block 2

Ghost-a-House Three

Sneak up to a friend’s doorstep and hang your ghost and goodie bag on the doorknob. Ring the bell and run, before being spotted!

Ghosting Girl on porch

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Ghosting Four

All your ghosted friends can go online to discover who ghosted them, and see their homes on Ghost Radar!

Ghosting Track Online

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Ghosting Five

The ghostly game of haunted house-tag continues as each friend ghosts the next and everyone follows along online!