If you’re a Ghoster…

STEP 1: Register online

Tag! You’ve been ghosted! Register at www.Ghost-A-House.com using the tracking number and ghost name on the registration tag (attached to the goodie bag). You’ll see a haunted house image appear at your address on the Ghost Radar, indicating that your home is now GHOSTED! You’ll also find out who ghosted you. Make a note of the ghost name and tracking number so you can return to the website anytime. Hang a door hanger on your front door to let everyone know “i’ve been ghosted!”


STEP 2: “Ghost” The Next Person

Now it’s YOUR turn to ghost a friend! Read the online Ghost Mission (you’ll also find a copy in the pocket of this folder). Choose a friend from the list who has not yet been ghosted. Refill the goodie bag with this instruction folder, door hangers, and any Halloween trets you’d like to add. Attach the registration tag to the bag handle. Sneak up to your friend’s doorstep and hang the lighted ghost and goodie bag on the door handle. Ring the doorbell and run (or hide)! Watch your friend’s excitement at being ghosted!


STEP 3: Follow The Fun Online

Login to www.Ghost-A-House.com, using the ghost name and tracking number you wrote down in Step 1. Track te ghost’s travels on Ghost Radar. Every time a friend is ghosted, you’ll be notified by email of each newly ghosted house.


STEP 4: Return the ghost home

If you are the last person on the list to be ghosted, please return the ghost, goodie bag, registration tag and this folder to your Ghost Host, listed on the Ghost Mission sheet.

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